Specialty Printed Tapes

Filament (translucent)
Flatback (smooth surface)
Masking Tape Colors:
  Flatback Tape Colors:
Natural Tape specs: White
White Economy Yellow
Yellow Medium Duty PMS #
Blue Heavy Duty  
Orange Quantity: Size:
Red 2-3 cs 1/2"
4-6 cs 3/4"
Length: 7-9 cs 1"
55yds 10-19 cs 1 1/2"
60yds 20-49 cs 2"
72yds 50-99 cs 3"
100yds 100+ cs other size:

Note: PMS matches are industrial color matches. Shades may vary from ink supplier
and the substrates they are printed on. You can send us a color swatch for us to match.

Perforations: Printed Masking and Flatback tapes can be cross perforated for ration control.
Perforations can replace the high cost of labels and eliminate liner
disposal. These ball point/marker friendly tapes can be used
in auditing, inventory control, usage instructions, or just to say Thank you.

Available Colors: Please Enter Your Ink Colors:
Black 1st Ink Color:
Red #185  
Reflex Blue 2nd Ink Color:
Process Blue  
Dark Green #357 3rd Ink Color:
Pantone Green  
Pantone Yellow Perforation sizes :
Orange #021 1"
Brown #478 1.385"
Pantone Purple 2"
Maroon #222 2 1/2"
White 3"
PMS - Pantone Color Matches 4"
  other perforation size:

Score - TapeTM


Secure your package with our NEW innovative product SCORE-TAPE TM . This 2.6 mil Polypropylene with Hot Melt adhesive will perform many tasks while en route to your customer. Such features include a stock or custom imprint with your company image for product identification. A tamper evident strip, which lets the receiver know if the tape has been tampered with. A SAFE and EASY way that lets the receiver open the package with the slide of their finger along the center perforation in the tape, without the use of sharp instruments that can cause possible damage to its contents. You will score big, with SCORE-TAPE TM.

Exclusively from Continental Tape Printers, always thinking outside the box…

2 x 50 Stock Print
2 x 100 Custom Print
2 x 1000
3 x 50
3 x 100
3 x 1000
Pack-n-Seal Label Tape

STOP wasting time and money by using unfriendly packing list envelopes.
If not applied properly and carefully those envelopes will not survive the trip.
Our New and improved Pack-n-Seal Label Tape will provide a quick-stickto corrugated and stretch wrapped surfaces. Just apply the folded paper work
to the center of the tape, cut at the perforation, and apply to the freight.
Standard OD size is 6“ x 8“. Window size is 4 1/8” x 5 5/8” with red border.

This product can be custom printed and custom sized for any application.

All boxes below MUST be filled out in order for us to quote you.

Your Name:
Company Name:
End User: Distributor:
Will your print job contain a logo?
Will your total design exceed 14 1/2“?
Do you have a sample for us to work from?

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