Highest Quality Printed Flatback Tape

In multiple widths and colors, our selections of printed flatback tape products are excellent for your company's packaging needs. Extremely durable and made with only the highest quality materials, Continental Tape Printer's entire product line is made to withstand a multitude of conditions, including high temperature and high humidity environments.

We have developed a new security tape unlike any other currently on the market. This innovative product, made with our patent pending poly lamination, provides exception strength, ease of application, and far better security than any on the market. The ink pattern is destroyed once the poly is removed, thereby ensuring instant recognition if the package has been tampered with.

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As we prepare to add this new product to our line, we invite you to browse our site and see what we offer in the meantime, such as:

  • Security Tape - We have many preprinted tapes available
  • Printed Polypropylene Tape
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Printed Masking Tape

Companies use Continental Tape Printer's masking tape in a number of ways, including for storage and labeling purposes. We are an industry leader in printed masking tape. We use quality raw materials to ensure a quality finished product arrives at your doorstep exactly as you ordered. Our customer service department is second to none and is qualified to recommend the best product for your tape application needs.

Our talented graphic arts department can help you design a company logo for placement on your printed masking tape order. If you already have a logo, you can email it to us for placement. With our policy of signed proofs before beginning any printing job, you're assured your order arrives on time and exactly as you requested.

Our bottom line is excellent customer service, the highest quality products on the market, fast turn around and a strict quality control process that ensures customers satisfaction. We invite you to see the difference our company makes for all of your printed flatback tape, custom printed tape, and printed masking tape needs.

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