Water Activated - Gummed Tapes

All of our Gummed tapes are wound on a 1" core

Tape specs: Tape Color :
375ft. 8/cs Economy Grade (4 strands) Natural
1 1/2" 450ft. 10/cs Medium Duty (5 strands) White
2" 500ft. 6/cs Heavy Duty (6 strands)  
3" 600ft. 5;10/cs Extra Heavy Duty (8 strands) Tape:
other size: 1000ft. 3/cs other: N/A Reinforced
1200ft. 5/cs
(specify tape)
A-3 Reinforced
  other length:   60lb. Paper


Note: PMS matches are industrial color matches. Shades may vary from ink supplier
and the substrates they are printed on. You can send us a color swatch for us to match.

Available Colors: Please Enter Your Ink Colors:
Black 1st Ink Color:
Red #185  
Reflex Blue 2nd Ink Color:
Process Blue  
Dark Green #357 3rd Ink Color:
Pantone Green  
Pantone Yellow Quantity:
Orange #021 2 cs
Brown #478 3-4 cs
Pantone Purple 5-9 cs
Maroon #222 10-19 cs
White 20-49 cs
PMS - Pantone Color Matches 50-99 cs
  100+ cs

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End User: Distributor:
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Will your total design exceed 14 1/2?
Do you have a sample for us to work from?

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