Custom Tape Products

We offer custom tape products that have your company logo or 800 phone number printed right on the tape itself. Have you considered the marketing tool that you might be missing out on by not incorporating a dual use for your shipping tape?

We can show you how your package can stand out from the rest simply by incorporating your logo or company name. This is an affordable advertising avenue that many companies are now beginning to utilize. Our customer service department can show you just how easy it can be to add another layer of brand recognition by using custom printed tape.

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Custom Printed Paper Tape

Custom printed paper tape products offer the chance to take advantage of an otherwise plain brown packing tool. By placing a personal message, such as your company's phone number and logo or even warnings of fragile contents, you increase visibility and everyone knows the advantages of product recognition.

We can design a custom message or you can email your logo you've used for years. Our graphic arts department can show you ways you'd never dreamed possible to elevate your company, simply by doing the same thing you always have. We have a large selection of:

  • widths,
  • lengths,
  • color inks,
  • and levels of strength to ensure your packages arrive on time in perfect condition.

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Custom Printed Tape

Pre-printed or custom printed tape products are available through the leading tape company in the country. We have a collective three decades of solid products and unmatched customer service. By using custom printed paper tape, you've found an affordable way to promote your company and ensure visibility in ways many companies simply don't incorporate. This clearly puts you in the forefront.

If you've not considered the benefits of custom tape, contact our customer service department. We are more than happy to discuss the options to get your company promoted.