Custom Logo Tape

Do customers notice your custom logo? Tape products might not be what one first considers in their efforts for brand recognition, but that just might be what your company needs. How? Well, by incorporating custom package tape designed with your company name, logo, and/or slogan along with your company's phone number; you've just increased your visibility.

Many companies are beginning to recognize the power in their logos. We're more than happy to discuss all of your package tape needs and invite you contact our customer service team for more information.

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Custom Package Tape

We've been meeting our customer's custom printed packaging tape needs for years. Our loyal clients know the benefits of taking advantage of every available marketing avenue. By carefully placing the company name and custom logo, tape suddenly becomes a powerful advertising tool.

Custom package tape products are no longer just for securing boxes; they're pulling dual duty in ways that weren't even considered a few short years ago. Masking tape, PVC tape, or other printed adhesive tape products are available through our company and can be custom printed to boost your company's image.

Custom Printed Packaging Tape

A company's shipping department is as vital as its marketing and finance departments. Gone are the days of gloomy warehouses. Today's shipping departments are technologically advanced areas where carefully coordinated efforts result in on time shipments and organized groups of people who serve as the liaison between another company and its own internal departments.

Custom printed packaging tape lends to this image by providing promotional opportunities such as logo placement, company information and declarations of fragile or pilfered contents. We invite you to give us a call to discuss the advertising and marketing benefits of custom designed tape products. These affordable avenues are a sure-fire way to get - and stay - noticed.

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